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  • Big Formulation Breakthroughs
    David Elder, Externalisation Director for GlaxoSmithKline and Pharma IQ Advisory Board Member, joins Andrea Charles from Pharma IQ, to discuss the most critical unmet drug delivery need and the benefits of early formulation testing. Elder shares his insights on how he thinks formulation screening and testing will develop in the next five years and what will be the next big thing in the field.
  • Why Changes are needed to Current Preformulation and Formulation Practices
    As part of the Pharma Leaders Today Series Dr. Keith Horspool, Vice President, Pharmaceutical Development US, Boehringer Ingelheim, speaks to Andrea Charles from Pharma IQ, about why changes are needed to current preformulation and formulation practices, strategies to reduce time spent in R&D and importance of the role of co-crystals in formulation design and product development. Horspool also shares his top 3 tips for evaluating the potential of new drug delivery technologies.
  • How to Avoid Common Pitfalls in Formulation - Interview with Martin Schubert, Formulation Group Leader at UCB
    Outsourcing various elements of formulation work has obvious advantages, but there are also some common pitfalls. Martin Schubert, Formulation Group Leader at UCB, joins Helen Winsor from Pharma IQ, to discuss developments and challenges in formulation. From own experience, Schubert highlights the three most important things to think about when selecting a CRO to work with. Finally, he discusses the benefits of using insilico/invivo and invitro modeling. Unable to listen? View the transcript here

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